History has proven over and over again that any fight for justice is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes that activism is on the front lines protesting, sometimes that activism is a group of professionals offering mental health support when it's needed most, and sometimes that activism comes in the form of monetary support. You can help secure healthy outlets for protesters by clicking that donate button. It will take you to their Venmo account @T4PWLOU. Please help them reach and surpass their relatively small goal of $2500.




My favorite quote is simple: "the more things change, the more they stay the same." It sounds cynical, but we see a history of movements and new legislation put in that becomes more implicit at harming marginalized peoples. While we must Keep Going (Travis Nagby, R. I. P.), we must know that we are a part of a system that must be abolished to truly have changed. While we continue to be agreeable and work aside those in power, we must demand more tangible and measurable incentives to our causes. If we don't, they will keep giving us new laws and ordinances that APPEAR helpful, but perpetuate oppression.    MILLICENT CAHOON/T4PW FOUNDER

I'd find it hard to believe most people don't know the name Breonna Taylor. She was murdered in her home by Louisville police, just two months before George Floyd was murdered by police in Minnesota.


Communities gathered across the world to advocate for Black lives—to say her name, to say his name. In Louisville the protests lasted for 180 days straight. In late June a photographer and fellow activist, Tyler Gerth, was murdered. Then in November, a beloved protest leader, Travis Nagdy, was murdered. So much loss and grief.

When Tyler Gerth was murdered, Millicent Cahoon (a counseling psychology doctoral student) knew she had to respond. She posted a call to action to fellow therapists to join together and do something. 50 professionals, Black and allies, came to the call and Therapists for Protester Wellness was born.


Today, their group comprises of over 100 mental health professionals in all disciplines ready to serve. If there's a protest, a community gathering, a need —T4PW is there onsite reminding folks to take care of themselves and providing support on doing just that. They're also accessible via phone, text, and telehealth. Truly a treasure to the movement community in Louisville.

T4PW tips for mental health awareness:

1. Practic selfcare: Establish boundaries and do things that bring you joy.

2. Activate your support network: Identify people who help uplift you such as family, friends, pets, etc. and lean on them when times get tough

3. Tend to your health: Eat well, get active, visit your doctor, and exercise your brain.

4. Get help: If your symptoms are making life difficult, talk to a therapist or a mental health professional.


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